#Healtheworld #feedthepigeons #SayNoToNGOs

Hello there fellow screeny friends,

Don’t be shy to spread your wings every day and appreciate the way you are. Help others to shine, especially the ones from whom the wings are broken or never used. I woke up this day in a place which is not mine as nothing is mine and I refused already some time ago to pay for any sleep I get. I’m not afraid to defend this life as I know it would be much better for everyone if we in large numbers would not pay for things that are common. Even after yesterday when my temporary living space was demolished by ignorent people who are afraid or jalous on people who demand freedom. People who were living in this house were refugees who are searching for a better life. I will not sum up the tragic stories of their lives as you can imagine for yourself what kind of worse things happen to these people, but I can tell you that they almost have lost their hope in humanity.

I humbly ask you to be kind, to help yourself and each other to get out of our dramatic situation on this planet. Life will be much more beautiful if we are not afraid to loose and believe in the wide spread radiation of natural human(itarian) behavior.

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